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About Alan Brown

Alan Brown is a film maker and jazz musician.  

he has written, directed and edited 2 feature films in London with a number of shorts and a documentary.  His first short. 36 Hours, was selected at Cannes in 2005.   The London feature films will form a part of our new youtube channel, ‘Krown Films on Youtube’, a weekly series of films episodes-all free.  Diamond ice’d kicks of the channel.

He moved to Ireland in 2013 to make his ‘Stories from the Famine’ series, a trilogy of drama features based on true stories from the famine era.  The first two are complete; The Cormack Brothers and The Minnitts of Anabeg.  The third part of the trilogy starts filming in Nov 2015.

He also works with new film makers, teaching writing, directing, editing and special effects.

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